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    Welcome to NexTrend Products, a California-based Kitchenware Company.
    We strive to bring innovative products to the kitchen to improve your experience cooking for friends, family, or yourself.

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NexTrend Products

Welcome to NexTrend Products, a California-based Kitchenware company. We are excited to bring to you our GarlicTwist, and several other innovative products for your kitchen!


GarlicTwist 3G


Our patented* GarlicTwist is a multipurpose food mincer based on a cross-cutting design. Quick and easy to use, simple and safe to clean, this elegant kitchen tool minces anything from garlic and ginger to nuts …

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Sous Chef

Designed to replace the run-of-the-mill mortar and pestle, the SousChef works on a different mechanism: Rotation.

Instead of the pounding motion of other mortars and pestles, this design emphasizes rotation to get you to the grounded herbs and ingredients you …

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Fishbone Skewer

Our innovative Fishbone Skewer has 9 individual prongs that allow instant access to any item on the skewer and flat prongs to prevent food from spinning. Try the advantages of a new type of skewer!…

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