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Introducing the latest version of our six-time industry award winner. Improved ergonomics and design makes our GarlicTwister mince easier than ever. Made in the USA.

available in: clear, green, and purple

The GT4 by NexTrend

The GT4 by NexTrend

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  • Available in clear, green and purple
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Removes garlic peel quickly
  • Controls mincing for coarse to fine textures
  • Multipurpose, try ginger, olive, chili pepper, onion, herbs, nuts and more!
  • Minces entire garlic clove, leaving no waste
  • Safe and simple to rinse clean
  • Lifetime warranty for durability



Note: Above instructions depicted with 3rd Generation GarlicTwist

Simple, quick and easy to use, and highly rated on Amazon

Garlic Twister 4 on Amazon

“Love the garlic twist. Been fed up with garlic presses for years but couldn’t find anything else other than chopping or crushing it with a knife. I’ve even resorted to using tubes of pre-prepared garlic so as to avoid the grief! Best £10 I’ve spent for the kitchen for years.” John T. Wilson | Nov 15, 2011

*The Garlic Twister is patented in the US (patent 6,945,486), Europe, China, Canada, and Japan. Infringers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.