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Awards and Testimonials

The GarlicTwist 3GThe Garlic Twister has won an unprecedented SIX major national and international industry awards:

  1. Finalist: “Invent Now America” 2003, sponsored by US Patent and Trade Mark Office and Popular Mechanics Magazine
  2. Finalist: “Design 2007 Award” – International Housewares Show, largest house wares trade show in North America
  3. Runner-up: “Gift of the Year” Award — Spring Fair 2007, largest housewares trade show in the United Kingdom
  4. “Members Approved” — Cooking Club of America, 90% of the 260 testers for the Garlic Twister said they would recommend this product to other members.
  5. Winner: “Best Packaging Award 2007” The Cookshop and Housewares Association, UK
  6. “Ten Best Gadgets” Newsweek International, March 16, 2009 Issue.


User and Retailer Testimonials


What some of our users have said

  • “OMG! I used the Garlic Twist tonight and I must say it’s the best Garlic Tool in the world! I love to cook with garlic yet I’m reluctant to due to the hassle of peeling and grinding it all. Well, watch out Spaghetti! Look out Lasagna! I think you hear me knocking, and I’m bringing my Garlic and the GarlicTwist with me. My worst fear has been conquered. THe Garlic is BACK! ” -E. Seleithia Woods, Inglewood, CA”
  • “About a month ago, I went to a high-end cooking boutique to get a nice garlic press. The woman who worked there put an all-metal $40 garlic press in my hand and said, “This one is built like a German car. You’ll never buy another garlic press again.” I looked at it, and it looked like a pain to clean. Right around the corner on a small garlic display was The Garlic Twist. I took one look at its simple-all-over design, put the fancy press right back where I found it, and bought The Garlic Twist for 1/3 the price of the other gadget. Since the day I brought it home, I haven’t used any thing else. It’s awesome! It turns out the saleswoman was right after all…. I’ll never buy another garlic press again! Thanks!! ” -Darlyn Horgos
  • “OK, I am a convert on this product. I was so skeptical on this item but customers were asking for it, so I brought it in. I mean, I have a knife, I have a press, everything was working just fine with my garlic preparation. But, this item truly does make garlic prep easier. If you like a lot of garlic, this item is for you. The back of this tool is perfectly designed to take the peel off your cloves effortlessly and the twist will quickly mince those cloves with ease. I cannot say enough about how much I love this tool. In my kitchen, it has become my best tool addition since the Microplane. ” -Dennis Lemenager www.utilitieshome.com
  • Hi again. I am the woman who bought 70 twists for my employees, brokers and some friends back in Oct. All 70 went out for Xmas with a fresh head of garlic, your instructions and their bonus checks. They were a smash hit and everyone (with any taste for garlic) is digging them! Just wanted you to know that your invention is priceless. Happy New Years! -Kathy Mooney (Written by Sparrowgrass – www.discusscooking.com)
  • I don’t have a garlic press, but I do have this: It is called a Garlic Twist. You can use it to bash the clove, so the skin peels of easily, then toss two or three cloves in, put the two pieces together and twist a couple times. Makes a nice paste in just a few seconds, rinses clean under the faucet. I bought mine at a cooking store, but they sell them at Amazon and other on line places. Just google Garlic Twist. (I don’t get a kickback on this–wish I did, cause I recommend them to everyone who likes garlic And since we’re talking garlic, here is a pic of the Garlic Twist. This little kitchen tool is the best thing since the proverbial sliced bread as far as I’m concerned! I gave several for Christmas presents along with a generous bunch of garlic that we grow every year. I told people it would be the stupidest present they would get, but they would love it. I was right. Two people have had me order more for their friends and family. Check it out! -DrCaLvr on MysteryManor.net/forum

…and some of our retailers

  • “The Garlic Twist has been our best selling item EVER! Within 2 months of carrying it, we have sold more of it than any other item we have carried for 2 years. Being a chef and store owner, the GarlicTwist has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. How many other products in your store can say you have been on a waiting list 13 times?” – Dominic Cimilluca, Owner, Dominic’s Kitchen Store, Chicago, IL
  • “The Garlic Twist has definitely been my hottest item in years – and with good reason: It’s easy to use, it’s easy to demonstrate; it’s easy to clean … and it works! Our customer buy one for themselves then come back for 3 or 4 more for gifts (or vice versa).” -Rita Burns, Owner, Tess’ Great Kitchen Place, Glass Valley, CA
  • “The Sacramento Bee Article gave us a great start. We sold out all 300 units during the first two hours of our demonstration and people formed two lines waiting to sign the special order list! Our own associates love the Garlic Twist and use them at home or give them as gifts … We thought it quite remarkable to have so many repeat customers buying multiple units.” – Mary, Manager, William Glen, Sacramento, CA
  • “The Garlic Twist is one of our hottest selling and best impulse products at our specialty food store. We have two displays, one situated at a check out register where 9 out of 10 customers inquire about The Garlic Twist, resulting in an add-on to their purchase. We cross-merchandise the other display with pasta and sauces along with garlic cookbooks and fresh garlic braids. Most importantly, we share our personal experience expressing “it’s a kitchen gadget that really works, it’s easy to clean, and we use it at home all the time!” -Nicolette Schroeder, Owner, Santo Stefano del Lago, Grand Haven, MI
  • “When you find a product as unique as The Garlic Twist, you know it will attract your customer’s attention. It quickly became our #1 selling item. In just 6 months we sold over 300 units. For a newly opened independent retailer, that is more than good news.” -Joan Scire-Vitkevich, The Steel Mandoline, Pleasantville, NY